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So in 2020 I make a rather big decision, I bought a lifetime subscription for A significant move after I am disappointed with lifetime subscription of because it being screwed over due to it gets merged with After using template for several months, now I want to let you guys know plus and minus of using their template, or their system to be exact. I will divide it into two main discussion, the Plus Side of Elegantthemes and the Negative Side of

1. Plus Side of

Customer Service;

This is one of the great thing about their system. Whenever we have problem, simply open their website (, login, then ask directly through the floating chat box at the bellow corner of the right side of their website. Usually I get 5 minutes to at least 30 minutes replay. I can also simply ask them, then close the website, without having to wait. Later on, they will send the answer through our email which they provide a link (or button) to go back to the chatroom and start chatting although without login.

  • Trouble shooting Article Recommendation

When I ask some question their system will give us recommendation articles that related to our question. Base on my own experience, So far their article recommendation able to help me 65% of the time, which is a good score, if you ask me. Then on top of that, when we click the recommendation article, they will be open in the pop-up, not in new page. This is a very thoughtful feature because it helps me to stay in track and focus on the problem (see picture below).

2. Negative side of

Conflicted plugin

There are some plugin that’s conflicted with their system, and they cannot help us as the end user because it is not within their scope of support, which is a fair policy.

JetPack vs; Here is one of the example. Their Simple Portfolio does not work as expected because it is conflicted with the JeckPack plugin. As you can see from picture below, the first portfolio work perfectly until we activate the JetPack plugin (see the 2nd picture).

This is probably is not a big issue, but when we the’s system is conflicted with major plugin such as jetpack, then it become a big issue.

3. Suggestion for

List of Conflicted Plugins

I think it is very important for to provide a list of conflicted plugins which they should update periodically. They also need to let their customer know who’s addressing the issue? will the plugin owner work on it, or elegant themes team, or there soon will be the update from wordpress which will solve the problem. Each plugin has its own notification which each customer can choose and customer based on their need.

  • Here are the list of Plugins that conflicted with (Will keep updated)

As team work with elegantthemes template, we try to list plugins that causing problem with the template

15/2021JetPackExtraincompatible with Simple Portfolio
25/2021PolylangExtraThere is no option where we can string translate the template. They also don’t have option to change language in their template.

….. [This article will be updated as we encounter new finding] …