I am Irfandi Djailani, alnamus founder


 Since 2008 I have gained years of diversified experience as social value activist, micro digital business manager, academician by training, and teacher/lecturer. 

Social Value Activist

From several of my employment at local NGOs/NPOs, I have been involvingin realizing a social surplus fro the society through advocating the principle of equality, democracy, and peace building.

Digital Product/Services

Since 2008 I also managing a company providing services in software and website development, and movie production with clients ranging from government body, NGOs/NPOs, businesses, and individual


Since 2008, I am also have been a teacher in Indonesia, Thailand, and Taiwan. Mostly I teach English from kindergaten to adult learner, and sometime I also teach movie editing and graphic design.


As academician, I am:

Management Topic Researcher

I provide Service:

Videography, Web and Software development

As an Educator

I have been a teacher since 2008 

irfandi’s teaching portfolio

In Class Learning

My In Class learning Approach


In class learning required a set of method and strategy in order to provide a state-of-the-art learning environment for students. Teacher need to know from class room rules, curriculum design, attention grabber, teaching tools, the list goes on.

Attention Grabber

Attention Grabber is an important concept that most teacher forget to utilized in their classroom. Sure, we can use fear and punishment, but it is not as effective than triggering students feeling of joy when learning. Therefore I have several method to grab student’s attention. Please look at the video.

Distance Learning

My Distance learning Approach


Online teaching required a different approach to offline teaching, but basically it shares the same principle and technicality which at the core of it is mindfullness and creativity. Some of them are classroom rules, routine, attention getters/grabber, and etc.   

Rules and Routine

Just like the in class learning, distance learning also have rules  and routine.  As shown in the demo video, the rules could be related to mute and unmute button, how to say “yes” and “no”, and so on.

irfandi’s digital business

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