There are several program that can be implemented in Taiwan for better integration between Muslim code of conduct and Taiwan culture in general. It is becoming more and more important considering the number of Muslim which exponentially increasing year by year in Taiwan. Hence, Social Campaign in Taiwan program is necessary. There are several program that can be implemented as follow:

1. Infaq for the homeless
There are many homeless people in several public places in Taiwan, many are elderly. Sometimes they occupying train or bus station, selling goods on the high way, and etc . They are in dire need of helping hand.

The program will be about distributing Infaq from Muslim to homeless in Taiwan. Help us by donating to this program, 90% will be distributed to homeless, while 10% will be allocated for the program operational. All expenses will be publish transparently and accountably and can be access all the time in donation page.

Here are list of goods needed by Homeless people in Taiwan:

  • Money
  • Blanket
  • Weekly food
  • Jacket
  • etc