I have been using LastPass for more than 2 years now. Although I am quite satisfied with its service, but there are several things that bugging me about it, and then on June 2021 I face this login error problem which makes me question my decision to use LastPass in the first place. That’s when I decided to write this article. But, don’t get me wrong, until now (21/6/2021) I still use lastpass, but before that, I decided to export all the password to my google account, then proceed using Lastpass.

Here are several things that you need to know before installing LastPass. For you who does not know what is LastPass, klick here

Unable to Login

On June 2021 LastPass failed me after years of using their free service. Something that I have been worrying about finally happen. One thing that I am worry about is the Password Recovery process, it must be a really difficult procedure since it is the last defense of password but also the most common procedure in every website. But to my surprise, there is no difficult procedure to save our password vault.

The password recovery process is simply by clicking the forgot password, then filling in your email, then you will get hints. Another option is to choose Password Recovery option which the system send the code to my phone number.

The scary thing happen after that, after successfully filling in the code that was sent to my phone number, Instead of I am able to login, I get several error message. This really scare me, because it means the system has some bugs, which also mean I have been relaying and entrusted my whole password to a company that is not reliable.

Here are some of the error messages that I got from this app. I don’t even know what to do with it, then I was planning to send email to the admin. Which lead me to the problem number 2.

Problem with Location Check

Today, 6/10/2021, I was in hurry working for a deadline, then I tried to login to lastpass to retrieve the password. Then it says my password is wrong. I tried to filling in the password for several times, but there is no notification about location. Then I check my email to which I found 4 notification on LastPass which says that there are an attempt to login from unrecognized location. Although I am accessing from the same location on the same desk and with the same computer and internet connection I used last night.

I write this so LastPass can reconfigure their system and I can still use the app. The notification should be send to the plugin or login area saying that the location check is being implemented, so then customer.

Contact Us?

I tried to visit their Support Page, which shows the chat boat. I send them message, but the robot does not understand. I tried to send the image, also not working. It shows how reckless LastPass are to choose a customer service provider that has many flaws, while In today technology development where there are many tech-service provider has a handy tools to manage their customer service such as tawk.to, a free and seamless customer service management system.

Plugin Error

Another problem is plugin error. Today (21/6/2021) I was in hurry because I need to finish the movie script for UNICEF movie in my province, but when I need to log in I have to wait for lastpass plugin to load (see picture below). It does not happen often, but when it happen, I am so frustrated and makes me worry about the stability of their service.

Browser Plugin for LastPass

So, the browser plugin of this password manager is quite good from user interface, reliability, and so on. I only encounter a view disappointment when it comes to this. Usually when I want to login to certain said, for example gmail, after I open the website, I only need to click the red lock button on top of my browser then it will ask me to fill in the password, after that, just simpli click the View All Fiallable Items, it will suggest all the password related to google account, which here I have 32 of them. Then simply scroll to find it, and click copy the password.